Fine Art Print Sales  

Muktinath Nepal



The fine art prints offered for sale on this website are from both digital images and photographs taken by Jay W Page.  Some of the older photographs were originally shot on 35 mm and medium-format 120 roll film, which has been scanned to produce high-resolution digital images.

The images shown on the website are low resolution copies of the originals to prevent internet theft; the fine art prints are made from high resolution files in which the detail is much sharper and the colour balance/tonal range is much better than that shown.  The copyright watermark (© JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY) visible on the website images is not printed on the fine art prints.

The fine art prints may look a bit different from what you see on your computer if your monitor is not calibrated for professional photography.  This is because the brightness settings of most consumer-grade monitors and laptop computers are optimized for showing movies and are set higher than that for viewing calibrated images. 



Numbered Art Prints

Fine art prints by JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY are available as open edition, numbered art prints. These prints are numbered in sequence, signed and dated by the photographer and are individually printed using the best archival inks and paper available. All of the fine art prints are individually printed according to demand; none are mass printed nor are the images sold for stock photography purposes.

Each fine art print is produced according to the specifications chosen to best display the photographer’s interpretation of the image. The paper type and weight, image size, resolution, cropping, etc. are all specific to an individual image. A register is maintained of all prints produced from a each image.

The essential information, such as the size, price, type of ink (colour or black and white), paper type and weight, and the exact dimensions of the image and border are shown for each image on the JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY website.

At this time we do not offer framed and/ or matted prints with online sales.  The choice of frames is often a personal decision and is influenced by the décor of the location where the print will be displayed.  Shipping also becomes problematic when framed and glazed prints are transported as the potential for breakage and damage is increased.  It is much better for you to have your prints framed locally.

We ship prints by Canada Post.  We will be able to provide the details and estimated costs once we know your address and preferred method of shipping.  JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY is not registered for collection of the Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Good and Services Tax (GST) and as such, these taxes are not required to be collected and are not included in the listed prices.  Prints imported into the USA or other countries may be subject to import taxes and duties, which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The prices listed with the images are for prints only and do not include mats or frames. 

The prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping & handling which is charged at the estimated cost of shipping plus a packaging fee of $10 per print. The packaging fee reflects the extra effort made to ensure the print arrives in perfect condition and allows us to offer the satisfaction guarantee described below.

The listed prices are for one copy of a fine art print and do not include any rights to reproduce or sell copies of the image shown on the fine art print.




How to Purchase a Fine Art Print

1.     To purchase a fine art print, please contact us using the contact feature on the JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY website (or email: We will need to know which image and size you have chosen along with both your email address and delivery address.


2.     Once the details of shipping, insurance are decided we will email you an invoice, which you may pay online using a credit card or PayPal. Or if you prefer, you can send us a cheque or money order in the mail.


3.     Once the payment is received, the fine art print will be shipped out and an email will be sent to you with the tracking number and expected delivery date. This is typically within a few days of the receipt of the payment. All shipments require a signature upon delivery so they must be delivered to a physical address not a box number.


Our Commitment to Quality

All of the fine art prints are printed on high quality acid-free paper with archival-quality pigment inks.  Hahnemühle and Moab are frequently used papers.  These papers generally weigh between 190 and 325 grams per square metre.  Specification sheets from the manufacturers of these papers are available on request.

All images have been digitally optimized for printing on the particular paper chosen to best display the artistic qualities of that particular image.

A certificate of authenticity is included with each print detailing the particulars of each individual print (name of print, print number, date printed, the paper manufacturer, the grade and weight of paper, etc.), which is suitable for attaching to the rear of the backing board when framed.  This description may also be useful for insurance purposes.

A registry listing the purchasers of numbered prints is maintained and this may be helpful if proof of purchase or valuation is needed in case of theft or loss. The purchaser may contact JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY at any time to determine the particulars of the print registered in their name, the current price of that print and the total number of copies that have been printed as of that date.

Some of the fine art prints shown for sale on this website may also be available for sale in one or more art galleries. The prices in the art galleries may be higher because they include the cost of framing but we attempt to ensure that the base price of the print is consistent with the prices listed on this website.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY offers a customer satisfaction guarantee to all purchasers of fine art prints.

1.    The fine art print is guaranteed against fading when displayed in appropriate conditions. This means that the fine art print must be framed behind glass and that the mat and backing must be conservation-grade and the print must not be displayed in direct sunlight. This guarantee is offered only to the original purchaser and only for prints purchased directly from JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY or galleries selling on behalf of JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY. To exercise this warranty the print must be returned and if the warranty claim is accepted, it will be exchanged for a similar print of the same size. The liability of JAY W PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY is limited solely to the replacement of the fine art print and no other liability is expressed or implied.


2.     If the fine art print is delivered to you in damaged condition we will replace it. If the package is delivered and it is obviously damaged i.e. crushed or bent, please refuse to accept it from the shipper and direct them to return it.  However, if upon opening the package, you find that the print has been damaged during shipping, please notify us immediately and return the print. An identical replacement (but numbered later in sequence) will be sent out promptly and you will be refunded the cost of returning the print. We will handle insurance claims.


Frequently asked questions are answered here.