The following price list is in effect for 2017-18. Prices in art galleries or art shows may differ from the prices listed below. All papers are heavy-weight, acid-free papers selected to best display the image. The inks are archival pigment inks. Image size is the actual size printed. Prints are trimmed leaving a blank border around the edge and depending on the size of the image, this border will typically measure 1" to 2" wide. When the measurement includes the border, this is referred to as the "Print" size.

All prints are signed, dated and numbered in an open edition, but the maximum number of prints of any image will be limited to 100 unless specifically stated. By "Open Edition", it is meant that the type of paper, ink set or dimensions of the print may vary according to availability and demand. Dimensions, paper type and weight, etc are listed with each individual print. Special orders are possible, if you would like a different sized print other than that listed, i.e. many 13" x 19" prints can also be printed at 15" x 22". However, not all sizes are available for all images, please contact me for details. I can also provide suggestions for matting and framing if requested.


           Fine Art Print Price List     
Print Size (inches)        Image Size (inches)


13 x 17 11 x 14 $75
13 x 19 11 x 17 $125
17 x 22 13 x 19 $150
17 x 22 15 x 20 $185
17 x 22 16 x 20 $200
17 x 24 15 x 22 $200
17 x 26 15 x 24 $225
17 x 26 16 x 24 $250